Beat Culture Brewery

Beat Culture Brewery

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Beat Culture Mead Bottle Design
Guave Pastelito Art

Web3 Community Design

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Web3/NFT Community
Illustration & Design

Since I first experimented with NFTs in the midst of the pandemic in June 2021, I fell headfirst into web 3.0 culture. It had been years since I made “fan-art” for anything, but all of a sudden I was staying up late imagining and creating visuals, products, and campaigns for things to come. 

Below are a few pieces I’ve created for some of the communities I’ve had to the pleasure of collaborating with, featuring work for: The Hundreds’ Adam Bomb Squad, Superplastic’s Cryptojankys & Headtripz, Nifty Gateway’s Awkward Astros, and Blooperz by Metacitzn.

Illustration | Graphic Design | Copywriting | Art Direction | Merchandise Design

Adam Bomb Squad T-shirt Graphic The Hundreds
Adam Bomb Squad The Hundreds Logo
Adam Bomb Squad Logo Design
Superplastic 8bit Tee
Superplastic Kidholiday
Superplastic Friday the 13th
Superplastic Long Sleeve Tee Front
Superplastic Long Sleeve Tee Back
Verified Heister Graphic
Superplastic Invite
Awkward Astro Hoodie Design
Glitch Crew Shirt
Metacitzn Tshirt Design

The Pride of Brooklyn

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The Pride of Brooklyn
Homebrew Festival

Since 2013 I’ve partnered up with my college pal, Casey Soloff, to produce the premiere homebrew beer festival in Brooklyn, New York.  It’s become a staple of the local beer community, and one of my favorite times of the year as it allows me to be as creative as I wanted and experiment  with communications, merchandise, partnerships, and more. We can’t wait to be back at it and share a beer with you once the pandemic is behind us.

Strategy | Event Planning & Production | Creative Direction | Copywriting | Art Direction | Graphic Design & Branding | Merchandise Design

Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins

In the fall of 2022 my childhood football team asked me to be one of their featured artists for the season as well as collaborate on some giveaways with my personal brand “Miami Supply Co.”. This was a dream come true and during that time I created a series of game day posters, give-aways for home games, and even got to work on limited-edition beer label celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Dolphins 1972 undefeated season. 

Illustration | Graphic Design | Social Content | Package Design | Game Day Posters | Giveaway Design

Miami Dolphins Roll-up Giveaway Banner